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The event aims to create a fun, light atmosphere where everyone can enjoy American art and benefit the local community. Cobba is one of the most popular events in Acworth, Georgia, and a great place for a family-friendly barbecue competition. Cauble Park on Lake Ac Worthies is a better place to host this family-friendly backyard barbecue competition than any other.

This free event is open to all parishioners on Tuesday, May 15, and begins at 5: 30 p.m. in Cauble Park on Lake Ac Worthies. The venue is Marietta Squarees Glover Park and you can meet at the corner of Glover Street and South Main Street for the event.

A certified tree and landscape architect will lead a tour of the neighborhood and point out the many treasures and challenges that exist in our valuable tree population. The Acworth Memorial Day Ceremony honoring those who have given their lives in service to our country will be held at 5: 30 p.m. at Cauble Park on Lake Ac Worthies. Veterans and current soldiers will pay tribute to the brave men and women who fought and died for our nation. An engraved cobblestone dedicated to those of us who served in the Armed Forces and were acquired on the previous Veterans Day will be present at the event.

Directly after the event, drivers and fans can head to the Acworth Community Center for a free open-air night. With the catering provided by Carrabbaas, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other KBA members and friends.

For further information call 770 - 917 - 1234, the Acworth Community Center at (770) 916 - 8500 or the KBA office at 704 - 743 - 5555.

Admission costs ten dollars for the general public, members have free admission, non-members five dollars.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit Hickory Hills Elementary to help meet the needs of students. The Marietta Gardening Association is organising an open day to sow the new garden. Circus Midway is located on the grounds of Jim R. Miller Park, beginning Friday, May 18, 2018 at 5: 00 p.m. and opening at 7: 30 p.m.

This year, the festival offers special advance booking packages, including access to the Agora market, the Greek Street Food tent and the Nikoas Pub. The new Greek street food tent offers delicious portable food options and all have a wide selection of fresh, regional, organic and organic food and drinks on the "Agora" marketplace. For adults, Nikos Pub offers Greek wine, beer and liqueurs to quench their thirst.

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