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A strong storm with severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings is moving toward Atlanta, so keep a close eye on the skies and watch out.

After Saturday's severe storm, a Paulding County team surveyed damage in several locations and determined that an EF-0 tornado touched down there and traveled about 10 miles before picking up southwest of Cartersville. The National Weather Service released preliminary data indicating damage to several homes near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Palding Road was the result of a tornado. This activity was tracked as a severe thunderstorm with wind speeds of about 60 miles per hour. The tornado moved about 10 miles southwest of Carterville about 5: 30 p.m. on Saturday, according to the NWS.

After the convection this morning, there will be a partial brightening, so temperatures will rise into the mid-70s and possibly even into the 80s by the end of the day Saturday.

Acworth's climate is very pleasant : It is slightly cloudy all year round, but in summer it is warm when temperatures are around 70 ° C, and in winter it is warmer when the temperature in Acworth is rather humid and hot. Summer is short, cold and wet, winter shorter, colder, wet and summers hot, humid and cold. The perceived temperature, which is taken into account in humidity and wind coolness, better reflects how hot or cold a day feels for a person.

The following table shows that the period 1980 - 2006 had a precipitation value of 10 for Acworth and a temperature value for the same period. Precipitation values, based on three hours of precipitation concentrated on the given hour, are linear and amount to 10% precipitation. An up-to-date animated map of temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction provides a more accurate representation of weather conditions in the region.

You will also find that the average annual temperature for Acworth, Georgia, and the state of Georgia for the period 1980-2006 is slightly below the average for the state of Georgia. Another nearby city you can visit is Atlanta if you are looking for a job at Moody Air Force Base.

Midtown, Sandy Springs and Powder Springs are all fast-growing and diverse metro Atlanta cities just a few miles south of Acworth. Georgia is a great place to rent a vehicle for self storage and you will find that the best selection is provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia State University and Georgia Public Storage. US 41 leads southeast for 10 miles to Kennesaw Georgia and then north for another 8 miles.

The Ala.-Moody AFB in Atlanta is a great destination for nonstop car rides from Atlanta to Georgia State University and Georgia Public Storage. Atlanta - Moody's AFB is an excellent destination in Georgia to travel nonstop from Athens, GA to Atlanta, Georgia and then north to Kennesaw Georgia.

Moody's AFB's next big cities include Atlanta, Georgia State University and Georgia Public Storage, Kennesaw Georgia and Atlanta International Airport (GAIA).

If everything goes according to plan and the conditions are right, we will find out in the next few months whether we will move to Acworth, Georgia. The right city is in a good location, with good weather, good schools and good public transport connections.

Get appointment information and operating hours from Chris Boyd, who practices family medicine and physicians at Moody's. At Moody Air Force Base in GA, Neighborhood Weather provides targeted current weather conditions and forecasts for recreation areas, airports, schools and more. GA is home to many other military bases, but we want a few benefits that go beyond politics, such as the ability to look at the weather forecast for our region and other parts of the state. The coldest month of the year is January, with an average minimum, at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.

According to the Valdosta City website, major employers include the Georgia Department of Corrections, Georgia State University and Georgia Southern University. It is estimated that there are currently more than 1,000 registered sex offenders at Fort Gillem in Atlanta, which closed in September 2011. About 2,500 active-duty military personnel are stationed there, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As a thunderstorm line moved over Georgia in the early hours of the morning, it intensified and tilted east and bent west toward the city of Atlanta, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Thunderstorms developed and moved eastward, with numerous discreet supercell thunderstorms scattered across the rest of Atlanta Metro through the afternoon and evening hours. A flash flood warning was issued for Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, at 2 p.m., and flood warnings were issued for parts of Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Fulton and DeSoto counties and the rest of Georgia. Much of it was also under flash flood warnings, but not as bad as Cobb County.

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More About Acworth